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Team H2OratZ

Team H2OratZ is made up of athletes with the following formula:

2 parts HEART x 1part OBSESSION along with the love of water.

Their obsession is the drive to compete at the highest level, win with gratitude, and and accept lose with dignity.  Below are athletes that have agreed to be Ambassadors for H2OratZ, and represent the brand respectfully in the eyes of the public, and their piers.

CADEN OWENS- 14 yrs old - Little Elm, TX

 Caden is a 5 x National Wakeboard Cable Park Qualifier, and competed in the 2019 Worlds Competition in both boat and cable. Caden also enjoys his time on the lake behind the Supra 24SSV  and likes to board and surf.
  • Home Cable Park:  Hydrous Little Elm, TX
  • Home Boat Lake:  Lake Lewisville, TX
  • Sponsors:  Connelly Wake, H2OratZ, Hit Case, Freesyle Watches

    BRYNLEE HALL - 5 yrs old - Paso Robles, CA


    BOSTYN HALL - 4yrs old - Paso Robles, CA

    GABE BRIGGS - 13 yrs old - Austin, TX